prevent identity theft

Identity theft is out there and it affects everyone, young and old. If you've ever had you identity stolen, you'll know exactly what i mean when you had to go through the rigmarole of cancelling credit cards, and meeting with your bank manager to explain your recent irregular spending spree.

Identity theft victims all share one thing in common, they never believed it would happen to them. A simple transaction made on the internet could be the starting point of a major downhill slide in the deterioration of your credit score. One misconception made by a lot of people is that identity theft must have occurred in a way that the individual could have forseen and stopped. The truth is, a simple telephone call where the caller imitates your local bank manager, or the more common is someone trying to convince you of a recent charge made to credit card, are ways in which identity is stolen.

Its hard to explain, but sometimes we are gifting these identity thieves with the information they require to empty our bank accounts and max out our credit cards. Identity theft cases, all report a fluctuation in applications and actual spending which is out of character for the individual concerned. Although most banks only allow a certain amount of activity per day to combat this problem, there are various loopholes the criminals can use to boost their takings on a daily basis. Identity theft is by no means a new crime we are only just hearing about, it has only become more popular with the introduction of technology, technology which has been designed to fight against it, and unfortunately, that can also be used against us also.

If you use the internet a lot, try to ensure you are taking the appropriate precautionary steps, especially when your using your credit card or bank details. Fake sites imitating the major corporation such as Paypal for example, have fooled even the most experienced users into believing they were actually dealing with the real site. To prevent identity theft, you could ensure you use only trusted sites where if you requested, you could actually phone someone to confirm their authenticity or even to just confirm your order.

Taking small steps like these, although they wont cure the problem 100%, will certainly put the odds back into your favour, and from this, you can build upon your securing your personal inforamation, away from those who wish to use it for their own illegal gains.

Identity theft can be stopped, and you can do it.